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Acne scarring refers to the tiny pits and depressions seen on the face. These scars are residues of severe acne and can leave a permanent mark on the skin. It gives the face a pitted look and feels rough to the touch. There are four major types of acne scars, which are:

  • Ice Pick – These scars are V-shaped and go deep into the skin
  • Boxcar – These scars are square shaped and are generally seen on the temples and cheeks
  • Hypertrophic – They are raised scars formed by acne spots or cysts
  • Rolling – These wide scars are spread across the face. They are shallow but give the face an uneven appearance
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    Acne treatment in other Locations


    There have been cases when acne has been caused due to hereditary reasons. However, acne is also caused because of hormones and environmental factors.

    The right acne treatment depends on the type of acne scar, your skin condition, and other parameters. When you visit us for a free consultation, we will evaluate the type of acne and suggest the best acne treatment in London.

    We offer different kinds of acne removal treatments such as collagen stimulation, collagen regeneration, micro dermal abrasions, platelet therapy and micro hyaluronic acid injections.

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