Concerned about a mole?

The goal is not the early detection of skin cancer but the earliest detection!

The Original ATBM® Automated Total Body Mapping procedure helps diagnose melanoma as early as possible using the “two-step method of digital follow-up”. It has revolutionised the skin check, analysing a mole, with an intelligent combination of video dermoscopy and full body mapping!

The ATBM® allows you to document and analyse a mole and skin automatically. This treatment will save you time and produce brilliant quality images that help find new and altered lesions. That is the FotoFinder standard for double safety in the early detection of skin cancer.

Changes at a glance

The fully automatic, integrated Bodyscan and the Moleanalyzer pro visualize changes of the entire skin and the individual mole. Analysis of Naevi supported by Artificial Intelligence.

Sharpest images in dermoscopy

Seamlessly integrated video dermoscopy with CrystalView technology and unmatched Full HD live quality. Direct linking of body maps and micro images with mole history at a glance.

Just get started

Turnkey installed, mobile ATBM tower with FotoFinder quality hardware. Sophisticated technology with millions of processed images.

Flexible with added value

Also suitable for trichoscopy, capillaroscopy, photo documentation in aesthetics and computer-aided PASI determination.

See more

Reflex camera system with PolFlash for ultra brilliant whole body images, polarized and non-polarized.

Fast, intuitive, delegable

Fully automatic documentation oft he skin in a few seconds. Delegable and intuitive thanks to FotoFinder Guided Photography.

The bodystudio ATBM® method.

A revolution in complete skin cancer prevention with seamlessly integrated dermoscopy.

with seamlessly integrated dermoscopy.

Moleanalyzer pro®

Artificial Intelligence in the assessment of lesions

The new Moleanalyzer pro supports you in assessing lesions in many ways.

  • Analysis and measurement of structures
  • Image comparison with quantification of changes
  • Evaluation on the basis of the current checklists
  • Risk assessment with artificial intelligence
  • Second opinion service by renowned experts

Detailed reporting and analysis

Recent studies show that 72% of all melanomas do not develop from existing nevi, but develop de novo on healthy skin. In order to diagnose these as early as possible, complete prevention must include not only individual moles but the entire skin through an intelligent combination of automated whole body photography and video dermoscopy. This “two-step method of digital follow-up” is the most advanced method for monitoring the skin and is used by opinion leaders worldwide with FotoFinder.