What is Mole Mapping?

Moles are dark blemishes seen on any part of the body. They can be smooth or rough and in round or oval shapes. Generally, moles appear during childhood and stop appearing as one grows older. However, if you see new moles as you age or notice a change in a mole’s position, you need to consult a dermatologist. Because it could indicate skin cancer (melanoma.) Mole check or mole mapping refers to a medical procedure used to analyse the moles and identify if they are cancerous or not.

ABCDE Rule for Mole Scanning

A – Asymmetry – The mole needs to have a regular shape and not an asymmetrical shape
B – Border – The mole’s border needs to be smooth and not jagged
C – Colour – Moles are usually black or brown. If they are multi-coloured or in other colours, they need to be checked
D – Diameter – The diameter of the mole needs to be checked during mole mapping
E – Evolving Changes – Observe the mole to see if there are any changes during subsequent scans

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During the mole scanning process, the dermatologist will closely examine the mole using a magnifying glass. The ABCDE process will be used to map and analyse the moles.

At Epicdermis Mole Clinic Northcote Road, we use Spectrophotometric Intracutaneous Analysis (SIA) for mole check. This technology is non-invasive and safe.

A cancerous mole will usually be asymmetrical with jagged edges. Also, the size and position of the mole may keep changing.

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